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Aviation and maritime
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Aviation and maritime
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The aviation and maritime industries keep the world connected. The complex operational logistics involved in fulfilling this purpose expose their players to specific risks and needs that require timely and accurate legal attention.

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Aviation Industry

We represent and advice airlines, their associations, insurers, reinsurers, financiers, aircraft lessors, and manufacturers in all legal matters related to the aviation industry. Additionally, we provide legal representation and advisory to companies in the real sector for activities related to the aviation industry.

We represent and advice insurers, reinsurers, and airlines in these disputes:

  • Aviation insurance coverage.
  • Transport of cargo and passengers, including air accidents occurring in Colombia and other jurisdictions.
  • Supply of contaminated fuel to aircraft.
  • Compliance with aircraft maintenance tasks.
  • Fulfillment of obligations corresponding to the aeronautical authority, airport operators, and air traffic control service provider.
  • Fare freedom in the provision of air transport services.
  • Leasing of spaces at airports.
  • Aircraft leasing.
  • Provision of services related to airport infrastructure adequacy.

We represent and advice insurers, reinsurers, and airlines in these disputes:

  1. Compliance with consumer protection regulations in air transport.
  2. Restrictions on free market imposed by administrative acts.
  3. Creation of levies to be paid by passengers traveling by air.

We represent and advice financiers and aircraft lessors in these matters:

  1. Legal opinions on contracts.
  2. Enforcement of guarantees on aircraft, including repossession of aircraft tenancy in case of non-compliance.

We represent and advice insurers, reinsurers, airlines, and aircraft operators (including drones) in these matters:

  1. Legal opinions on the interpretation of aeronautical, procedural, and insurance regulations.
  2. Obtaining and modifying operating permits.

We provide training in aeronautical matters to:

  1. Airline personnel.
  2. Aeronautical authorities.

Maritime Industry

We represent and advice shipowners, charterers, ship agents, port terminals, and their insurers, as well as other parties involved in international maritime trade, in all legal matters related to the maritime industry.

We represent and advice shipowners, charterers, ship agents, port terminals, and their insurers in these disputes:

  • Maritime casualties.
  • Cargo transportation contracts.
  • Damage or loss to goods in port facilities.
  • Charterparties.
  • Transportation insurance coverage.

We represent and advice shipowners, captains, and other crew members in administrative proceedings related to violations of merchant marine regulations

We represent and advise shipowners, charterers, ship agents, and port terminals in these matters:

  • Legal opinions on charterparty contracts, carriage of goods by sea contracts, ship agency agreements, freight forwarding services, international multimodal transport contracts, and other contracts related to logistics.
  • Legal opinions on contractual relationships between port terminals and their users.
  • legal opinions on contracts for the international sales of goods.

We provide training in maritime matters to:

  • Maritime carriers.
  • Ship agents.
  • Port terminals.
  • Marine insurers.

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